Successful launching of Easydredge® 2700

The first Easydredge® 2700, built for and by order of Royal IHC has been successfully launched at MTG Dolphin Shipyard on 16th December 2014. The new vessel will be supplied with a “world-dredging package”, which includes bottom doors, a bow coupling and a dredging depth of 25m. This makes her suitable for a wide range of tasks, from the maintenance of ports and channels, to land reclamation.

The vessel will be delivered to her owner in summer 2015.

Easydredge® 2700
Type   Trailing suction hopper dredger 
Length overall 81.75m
Breadth   15.8m
Depth 5.9m
Draught at international freeboard 4.4m
Draught at dredging mark   5.5m
Speed   11.5 knots
Dredging depth     25m
Suction pipe diameter   700mm
Loading capacity     3,910 tonnes
Hopper capacity 2,700m3
Daytime accommodation   Eight people

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