Busy beginning of 2017 at MTG Dolphin Shipyard

2017 has started in full steam at MTG Dolphin Shipyard. New projects, highest workload and many contracts.

Five subsequent repairs of vessels of the Canadian FEDNAV company in MTG Dolphin Shipyard and the sixth on its way in February 2017.

“There is a tendency for extreme raise of workload in 2017, so the Shipyard expects very dynamic year. We have repaired 50 ships in 2016 and we will have more than 60 in 2017” – says Ivan Botev, the Production Director at MTG Dolphin.

There is one Latvian bulk carrier for repair and a Bulgarian one is coming soon. The repairs of ships, managed by “Anglo – Eastern Ship Management” – Hong Kong, “Navibulgar” – Bulgaria and “Mediterranean Shipping Company” (MSC) have been already agreed.

„The busy schedule is due to the slight raise of the portage level, as well as to the undoubtedly good reputation of MTG Dolphin, made through the years. We have envisaged the workload jump and we are completely ready to handle the work” – says Ivan Botev.

For eleven years now, the shipbuilding team handles unique technical challenges with professionalism, experience and successful ideas.
There will be plenty of new shipbuilding projects in 2017, and the schedules are made up to the end of 2018.