June 2016, Floating dock No 1 of MTG- Dolphin” Shipyard Repair of Ro-Ro vessel ,,Maestro Sea’’

A wide range of services have been carried out during the dry dock period of the vessel.
Except for the standard dry dock services such as underwater maintenance and survey, measurements on the propeller and rudder systems, grit blasting and painting , number of additional maintenance services were performed:

  • Hydro blasting of decks

  • Steel renewals of hull structures

  • Overhauling of main and auxiliary engines

  • Maintenance of pumps and valves

  • Electrical works – overhauling of generator and el. motors, renewal of cathodic protection anodes

  • Pipe works – renewal of ballast and AE cooling system pipes

  • Repairs of propeller shafting and rudder blade system

  • NDT (Vacuum, water tightness, pressure) and load tests, Etc.